I truly don’t know how to start this review because she has left my husband (ah!) and I speechless with the magic she created before, during and after our wedding.

Before, let’s all admit us brides can be a little nervous, stressed and maybe not our typical selves. Every question I had was answered with ease and nothing was too far out of reach for her to accomplish. As our day of coordinator, we started working with Christina 8 weeks prior, and a few days prior she started setting appointments, reaching out to all of our vendors to confirm everything was solidified. When you are a bride who has never done this before, having that taken off your plate is truly magical. It’s one major thing off our list to worry about.

Christina created an immaculate document of “who’s doing what” for the day of the wedding between herself, the venue and the caterer. We got married at the Art Factory in Paterson and Christina walked into a room that was set up to her liking with minor things that required changing. The greatest gift a coordinator can give to a bride and groom is to not let us know when there are any issues. There could have been a stray cat in the venue and we would have had no idea because Christina moved through everything with professionalism and smile. She kept us on time with all of the logistics of wedding days. Her team, predominantly Jamie, took photos of our day that she gave us a STUNNING video of all the team put together that day and it’s truly something I’ll cherish forever.

After the wedding, Christina’s lips were sealed. She didn’t want me to know what went wrong or didn’t happen. I asked a few questions regarding our caterer, which will not get a ravishing review from us, to which she provided a simple yes or no. She wouldn’t further expand because she wanted to make sure if we left that day having the best day of our lives, let’s keep it that way.

I could truly write a novel about Christina and her kindness, poise, and professionalism but I’m going to leave it with this. If you are even QUESTIONING a day of coordinator and or planner, Christina is the person you should work with. Our day went off without a hitch and all I can remember is smiling ear to ear when I know that Christina was doing so much more than a day of coordinator should be doing (like driving to the hotel to make sure my father has his guitar to play a song with the band for his daughter–WHO DOES THAT!). She is truly incredible and I’m lucky to consider her a friend after all she has done for us at our wedding. Don’t think about it-book her NOW!